Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sudama's gift to Krishna

Lord Krishna and Sudama were childhood friends who had been at the Gurukula together. Years passed by and the two friends went their own ways. Fate was not kind to Sudama and he lived in dire poverty. Although he and his wife nearly always starved and did not have decent clothes, Sudama's wife never complained.

One day, his wife asked Sudama, "Why don't you go and meet Krishna, Lord of Dwaraka, and tell him your suffering? If he is your true friend, he will surely help you". Sudama was not keen on asking Krishna for help, but he decided to meet Krishna as he was happy at the prospect of meeting his friend. He wanted to take some gift for Krishna. As there was nothing else in the house, his wife gave him a small bundle of 'Poha' (beaten rice or avil ) and asked him to give it to Krishna. With the small bundle in his hand, Sudama left to see Krishna.

After a long journey Sudama reached Krishna's palace and was hesitating to enter the palace .He was wondering whether Krishna would remember him. Just as he was engaged in thought, Krishna rushed forward and embraced Sudama. He welcomed Sudama and washed his feet with his own hands. Everyone was astonished and wondered at Krishna's hospitality to a person who looked like a beggar.

They happily chatted about their childhood days. Krishna then asked Sudama with a twinkle in his eye, "What present have you brought for me?"Sudama hesitated to give him the bundle of poha. Sensing his hesitation Krishna said, "Even the most expensive gift given to me without true love and devotion means nothing to me when compared to the smallest gift given to me with true love and affection". Thus saying he pulled out the little bundle from Sudama's hands and opened it. "Why? It's poha my favourite food" and started eating it with glee. Sudama's happiness knew no bounds.

Sudama spent the night at the palace and returned home the next morning feeling extremely happy that Krishna had treated him like his brother. Only on his way home did he realise that he did not tell Krishna about his poverty and was wondering what to tell his wife. As he neared his house he was surprised to see that his old hut had transformed into a lovely mansion. His wife came out to welcome him dressed in fine clothes. It was then that Sudama realised that all this wealth and splendour could only be due to the benevolence of Lord Krishna. But even amidst the splendour, Sudama continued his simple life and praised Krishna's glory and greatness.


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